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CheapTickets is holding its annual BBQ Smackdown contest, and it’s no surprise Memphis is on the list!

CheapTickets, an online travel services company, offering discounts for an array of travel tickets, from flights and hotel stays to rental cars, customized vacation packages, and cruises.

The BBQ Smackdown contest is held each year in honor of America’s proudest holiday, the Fourth of July.

CheapTickets are asking their customers to vote which All-American city they think holds the title of the best BBQ, and for offering, they’re entered in a chance to win a trip to that city.

Here are the nominated cities:

  • Austin
  • Memphis
  • New Orleans
  • Nashville
  • Kansas City
  • Greenville
  • Charleston
  • St. Louis
  • Antonio

They’re also offering a promotion with participating hotels for a 17% discount on hotel stays. There’s no minimum stays, but the rooms must be booked by June 26, 2016, and you have to travel by December 31, 2016. The promo code is HOTSTUFF.

So, to all my fellow Memphians and Memphis-lovers, let’s show the USA again our pride in our BBQ. Get out and vote for Memphis today!

You can vote for the contest via Facebook here: