Just the other day, I had a colleague lose their checked luggage on a business trip. As someone who’s had this happen to them as well, I can honestly say it’s one of the worst things that can happen to someone while traveling.

Some airlines, like Delta, now have great apps for your smart phone that allow you to track your checked luggage as you travel.

But, if you are to have lost your luggage on a trip, here are a few tips on what to do:

  1. Take a Deep Breath – The worst thing you can do is panic. Before you do anything, take a deep breath and stand back. Especially if you are on a business trip, you don’t want to start your time in panic mode.
  2. Report the Loss – Grab your luggage ticket and head to the lost and found luggage counter. If they can’t find it in an immediately obvious place such as the tarmac or still in transit, then they will have you fill out a luggage claim. The airport personnel will then photocopy this tag and your passport before giving you a reference number. You can then move to your hotel or next location. They will send you a call or text with more information if they’ve found your baggage.
  3. Check Back In – If you still haven’t received a notification after 24 hours, go to the airline’s website and enter in your reference number to the lost luggage section.
  4. Customer Service Is Key – As a lot of us have seen with airlines, because they deal with so many issues on a daily basis, finding out more information can be difficult or a lengthy process. So don’t be afraid to call their customer service personnel. Give them all the information about where you’re staying and for how long, making sure they’re aware how dire this situation is.
  5. Get Your Claim – There are laws in place to ensure that airlines have to reimburse you for your losses. Meaning, they should, at least, cover your travel essentials, such as clothing and toiletries . Some airlines may cover all the monetary losses of your bag, but they all differ. Don’t be afraid to ask for the costs reimbursement.

Follow these steps and I ensure you that you can at least stay organized during the frenzy of lost luggage.


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