When traveling, a dollar can only stretch so far. From flights and accommodations to food, activities, and memorabilia, you know when traveling that you’re apt to spend some money.

There are tons of tricks and methods to traveling with a lighter wallet, but there’s also another way: travel somewhere with a favorable exchange rate and overall more affordable way of life.

Here are 7 awesome international destinations where you can get more bang for your buck:

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  1. Canada
    • In 2015, the Canadian dollar hit 72 cents per one U.S. dollar – the lowest it’s been since 2014. And because of that, according to Hotels.com, this has caused hotel prices to lower in both Montreal and Toronto as well.
  2. Australia
    • Australia is an ideal international destination for those loving wildlife and coastal cultures. Although flight costs from the U.S. could equate for a significant portion of your travel costs, you’ll be saving once you break ground. Like Canada, Australia’s dollar hit a record low, dropping 12% against the U.S., reaching about 76 cents per dollar.
  3. Poland
    • Recently, the European Backpacker Index named Krakow, Poland the best bargain travel destination for 2016. According to an article by USA Today, “Travelers exploring the culture of the beautiful old city will find plenty of cheap hostels and restaurants. Expect to spend around $25 per day to cover lodging, transportation, meals, entertainment and attractions.”
  4. India
    • India, a city known for being a location for pilgrimages, its beautiful mosques, and specifically the Taj Mahal, has a very favorable currency in exchange for the U.S. dollar. Recently, it was calculated that the Indian rupee was 66.82 to $1 USD.
  5. China
    • Unfortunately for China, they are still reaping the repercussions of last year’s stock market crash. Currently, 1 Chinese Yuan equals 0.15 U.S. Dollar, making it a popular destination for U.S. travelers. If you can muster the 17+ hour flight, this is your year to visit China.
  6. South Africa
    • South Africa is more than just a popular study abroad location for U.S. college students. Known for its winelands, the Cape of Good Hope, and the clear, rocky waters of its many beaches, South Africa is a great travel destination. Not only that, but 1 current South African Rand equals 0.066 U.S. dollar. Also, if you’re a big ‘foodie’, a study by Numbeo.com showed that the average price for a multiple- meal at a typical restaurant is 49% less expensive there than in the U.S.
  7. Brazil
    • As of right now, 1 Brazilian Real equals 0.28 U.S. dollar. Although this is due to the Brazilian economy’s suffering from the Chinese market crash, it’s a great time for Americans to take advantage of such a beautiful, culture-defined country for a budget rate.

Although it is never a good thing to hear of other countries suffering from economic recessions, the low exchange rate that occurs in conjunction it is a positive for prospective American travelers. But because of that, these countries can benefit from the funds pumped into their economy from this increased tourism.

Therefore, if you’re looking for some great international destinations that fit your budget, check out one of these 7 countries!