It’s round two for Virgin America Airlines‘ “flypartisan” campaign with the nonprofit organization Rock The Vote, which encourages fliers to register to vote while in the air.

Virgin America and Rock The Vote partnered for the campaign during the 2012 presidential election as well.

By using the on-flight WiFi,  fliers can get free access to the Rock the Vote site where they can register to vote. This will begin this month, and later this summer, their WiFi will also offer fliers Rock the Vote educational videos and PSAs.

The registration process is said to take 2 minutes.

As a frequent business flier, I think it is very interesting how involved the travel industry is in this 2016 campaign season. For example, the U.S. Travel Association has been very active in this year’s campaign – promoting their TravelPAC on a lot of fronts.

The goal of this is to keep travel at top of mind when it comes to legislation and major issues, as it has a strong impact on the growth of the American economy.