Been backpacking for a month? Waiting on a second connecting flight? Been on a corporate business trip all week? You probably need a nap. 

And although an obscene amount of time traveling is spent during the ominous waiting hours in an airport, they have never been the best places to catch some Zs.

That’s why JetBlue has unveiled the revolutionary napping pods. These pods take airport napping to a new level, one that means no more heads on a suitcase and back on a cold carpet.

Travel Weekly reporter testing out new JetBlue pods – via Travel Weekly

These egg-shaped seats have made their first appearance in Terminal 5 at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City.

Features of the seats even include the opportunity to play your favorite nap tunes, from either a built-in Bose speaker or your headphones.

Don’t get too comfortable though – you’re limited to 20 minutes per nap. But that can be the perfect time for a sneaky sleep time before squeezing  your legs into those airplane seats.