If you thought that cruise ships were luxury travel options before, you obviously hadn’t heard of RoyalCaribbean‘s biggest and most insane ship yet, the Harmony Of The Seas.

Arriving in Europe in May this year, this ship has 7 distinct neighborhoods, 20 dining options, and a crew of 2,394. Not to mention, there are tons of ways to stay entertained while on the ship, and I’m not just talking a salt-water pool and shuffleboard.

Here are some of the Harmony’s on-board activities:

  • Trio of water slides
  • Surfing simulator
  • Two rock climbing walls
  • Children’s aqua park
  • Ice-skating rink
  • Carousel
  • Musicals
    • The Grease Broadway Musical
    • Columbus, The Musical!
  • Zipline
  • “Aquatheatre”
  • Escape rooms
  • Bionic Bar (yes, the bartenders are robots)

The ship can contain a total of 5,479 passengers. It’s first outing will be leaving from Southampton, England and will also visit the port of Rotterdam, Netherlands. 

Cruise ship traveling has truly become a luxurious means to vacation. It’s almost as if the places you visit are ancillary to the experience you have on the ship. I look forward to the reviews of the Harmony’s maiden voyage.

You can read more and look at pictures of the ship on the Royal Caribbean website.