On Wednesday, Google announced a new feature called Destinations on Google that is designed to help prospective travelers figure out where and when they should take their next vacation, as well as what it would cost them to do so.

Accessible through the Google Mobile App or internet browser, travelers can search for destinations, view suggested itineraries and price their flight and hotel.

According to Travel Weekly, this is all based upon two search queries: “X vacation” and “X travel.”

  • “X vacation” provides a travel guide for a city, state or country. It also supplies as a grid of destinations for a continent.
  • “X travel” provides a travel guide for a city, state or country.

For example, when you google “Europe vacation,” a multitude of destination titles, the most popular on the continent, will come up: i.e. London, Paris, Rome, and Barcelona.

With these city titles will be an attractive photo of the city and a small blurb describing it. But, here’s the kicker: it will also display the least expensive week to go within the next six months (based on your origin and the destination), the cost of the cheapest flight for that week, and the average price of a hotel in the city.

“Google says Destinations is designed for the leisure traveler who takes a trip or two a year and is concerned about making the right choices for that big getaway,” -Travel Weekly.

Once you click the photo, you are directed to that location’s destination page. From there, you can start building your itinerary. That means, adding in how many people are traveling, how many stops you are willing to make during a flight, the class of hotel you desire, and how many nights you will be there.

Also with the itineraries comes the “Popular Itineraries” feature, which combines different trips that you can take through a country into a logical order and details about how far apart each site or activity is so you can maximize your time.

According to Google’s Director of Engineering Radhika Malian, there are now 201 cities that have itineraries.

This Google Destinations feature is definitely a tool for a traveler looking to find quick vacation ideas, with a generalized sense of what to do and how to get there. And it will be interesting to see what this new feature by Google does to the travel industry.


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