Yesterday, February 28, Travel Weekly released an article stating that Walt Disney Parks and Reports will be issuing a new tiered pricing based on peak seasons effective at 6  a.m. that day.

According to the article, these are the changes in price:

“The current rate of $105 for the Magic Kingdom will become the new value rate, meaning that the new structure also heralds an increase in the average admission price for that park. The regular price will rise to $110, and the peak price will be $124.

Similarly, the current $97 daily admission to Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios will become the value price, with regular pricing moving up to $102 and peak to $114.”

But when it comes to a lower rate, only Disneyland in California will have a new tier that is lower than current regular pricing. The price will drop from its current daily rate of $99 to $95. Yet, the new regular price rises to $105 and peaks to $119.

Travel weekly then states:

“Which days are value, regular or peak will vary at individual parks and will be determined by the venue’s visitation patterns. Disney said that peak days will fall around spring break/Easter, some summer weekends and winter holidays.

Individual park websites will post calendars with pricing information eight to 11 months in advance. The prices will be locked in, with Disney noting that there will be no “surge” pricing effects once a calendar is posted.”

When it comes to buying vacation packages, those prices will also change. Disney said it expects the majority of guests to continue to select multi-day tickets or annual prices, “which provide the best value.”

“Disney had signaled its consideration of experimenting with pricing models when it surveyed annual pass holders last year about a three-tiered structure that would bump up prices during summer, Christmas and spring break.”


In a statement by Thomas Smith, the Editorial Content Director for the Parks, he said

“As you may have read in the news, the demand for Disney Parks continues to grow, particularly during peak periods. At the same time, we have an unwavering commitment to exceeding the expectations of all our guests. That is why we continue to expand our parks with new attractions like those noted above, as well as entire new themed lands based on AVATARStar Wars and ‘Toy Story.'”

To read more about the change in Disney prices, visit Travel Weekly or the Disney Parks website.