It’s no secret that I’m a patron for making Memphis a travel capitol of the U.S. So when I heard that Memphis-based chocolatier Phillip Ashley was named the official chocolatier of the Grammy Awards gift lounge, I was enthralled.

Hundreds of guests of the Grammy’s tonight will be receiving hand-crafted chocolates courtesy of memphis-based Phillip Ashley Chocolates in their gift bags for attending the musical event.

With tonight’s guests being the headliners of the music industry from around the work, this is a way to export Memphis around the country and globe

In an article with the Memphis Flier, Ashley told the Flier that they will be doing chocolates for the gift lounge for the performers, presenters, and media.

“We’re also doing the chocolates for the 30 performers’ dressing rooms. So, like, Adele is opening, and LL Cool J is the host. We’re doing personalized gift towers for each one of those performers.

We’re doing the media room the night of the Grammys, and we’re doing 6,170 pralines for the after-party. They’re going to build a big pyramid of our chocolates, and people will be handing them out,” Ashley said.

The chocolate will be a “golden praline,” made of dark chocolate in the shape of a pyramid with flecks of gold inside the praline and then dusted with gold dust.

Photo via the Memphis Flyer


But this isn’t the first time Ashley has made it into the public eye. His chocolates were also featured during the Oscars in 2013 and he was dubbed the “real-life Willy Wonka” by Forbes.

So, if you’re watching the Oscars tonight from your home, know that everyone from Kanye to Carrie Underwood will be get to experience a little bit of Memphis.

To see more of Ashley’s fine chocolates, visit his website here.