In a study by Expedia, they discovered that travelers across the world considered their smartphone more vital to carry than basic items like a toothbrush or driver’s license.

Aman Bhutani, president for Brand Expedia Group, said in a statement,

“We have found that travelers are using mobile devices at every stage of the travel process, from researching and booking trips to capturing and sharing the travel experience.

“Just because a traveler can use their device to read work email and stay connected to the office, they also believe it improves the quality of their vacations,”

The data from the Expedia/Egencia Mobile Index indicated that 60% of the 9,642 travelers surveyed said they “would be unwilling to go on vacation without a mobile device.”

A full 63% said they sleep with the device by their bed while on vacation, and 28% carry an extra battery pack with them.

The reality is that traveling in today’s world has made it pretty hard to unplug from the technological world. With the easiness of photography at your fingertips with your cell phone, and the ability to communicate now across seas to your loved ones, many people see that the benefits of having their smartphone while traveling outweigh the costs.