According to CEO of the U.S. Travel Association Roger J. Dow, we have a lot to expect for the travel industry in 2016.

Here are the top trends and stats of the travel industry in 2015:

  • 2 billion domestic flights
  • 75.3 million international visitors to the US
  • Travelers spent $947 billion in direct spending and $2.1 trillion in economic output
  • Industry added over 100,000 industry jobs – a record high

Dow highlights two priorities for the 2016 year:

  1. Remain actively engaged as the government evolves the Visa Waiver Program
  2. Champion reform to our nation’s air travel program

To hear more about the U.S. Travel Association‘s expectations for the coming year in travel, watch the video below:

State of the Travel Industry 2016 from U.S. Travel on Vimeo.