In the last year, Uber has dominated the game of private taxi travel, earning a reputation as one of the cheapest, most reliable services in the game.

But what’s next for the global phenomenon? 

Last week, Business Insider reported that Uber secured a patent for “Uber Travel,” a service that can be used for planning trip, much like a travel agent.

“Uber’s idea, according to the patent, is to take the trip information and show a recommended flight, hotel, and the cost of an Uber to get you from point A to point B all-in-one.” -Business Insider

This image, which was a part of the filing for the patent, shows a typical form that would be used during the process. screen-shot-2015-12-31-at-9-52-54-am-e1451581866549.png

As you can see, this form highly mimics that of other facilitating travel services, such as Travelocity, Priceline, and Expedia.

According to Business Insider, this service will also help travelers make their scheduling much easier by tapping into the airlines data to know when a flight will actually land and how long the plane disembarking process will take. Then, Uber will use this to calculate when it is you should call an Uber.

“Therefore, booking on Uber Travel reduces the overall wait time for transportation, making seamless travel much closer to a reality.” –Road Warrior Voices