The Memphis-based travel agency A&I Travel Management will be acquired by one of the largest national travel management companies, Althour International Ltd.

A&I, which currently employs 31 people, will keep its key shareholders Rebecca Martin and Vicki Rush after the acquisition.

Altour executive vice president Lee Thomas said,

“We are confident we will be able to leverage the Altour assets to support and enhance A & I’s fast-growing business travel segment”

This year, Altour had $2 billion in sales, compared to A&I’s $61.8 million.

Alexandre Chemla, founder and CEO of Altour said that the two Martin and Rush are excellent examples of the American Dream:

“Having both been employed as travel counselors in the early days of A & I, promoted into management and ultimately taking ownership. Their story embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of Altour.”

A&I will operate as a company a part of Altour, but it will keep its original name.

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