According to U.S.A. Today Travel, holiday travelers will top 100 million for the first time ever this year.

USA Today said,

“For the first time, AAA projects winter travel to top 100 million. This is the 7th consecutive year the number has risen.”

This is nearly three times the amount of travelers that hit the roads and air during the Thanksgiving holidays this year. AAA Travel says that 91% of these holiday travelers will be driving and about 5.7 % will be flying.

As for gas prices, the continuous dropping in prices under $2 has been a great benefit to travelers. By New Years, gas prices are expected to be lower than they have been since 2009.


Also, AAA expects the prices of airfares to decline, but for hotel and car rental rates to rise modestly.

To read more about this year’s holiday travel expectations, visit: AAA Travel.