You’re running late to your flight, and you have five minutes to board at the terminal. When you reach the flight attendant, she tells you your flight is overbooked. What do you do?

Almost any frequent traveler has met the controversial moment of being being bumped off their flight. But, what a lot of travelers don’t know is that there can be benefits from getting bumped off your flight: from a payout or meal vouchers, to a seat upgrade or a trip to the airline club. Depending on your personal agenda, getting bumped off your flight could look pretty appealing.

With a few facts and tricks to beating the bumping system, you can make turn your overbooked flight into an experience in your favor.

According to Independent Traveler, there are two strategies on how to deal with overbooked flights: avoid them or attempt to get bumped and use that in your favor.

Here’s what they say you should do:

Tips to Avoiding an Overbooked Flight

  • Arrive as early as possible at the airport
  • The last passengers to check in for the flight are typically the ones who find themselves bumped involuntarily

Tips to Getting Bumped Off Your Flight

  • Get to the gate early
  • Don’t hassle the attendants
  • Before you volunteer, make sure the pay-off is worth it

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