Katie Smythe

Katie Smythe is the CEO and Artistic Director of the New Ballet Ensemble & School in Memphis, TN. Through her work, she has created a place where all children access to excel in the arts.

“Intentionally, half of our students come from poverty and half come from privilege. Ballet and multicultural dance training are the vehicles that create one of the only opportunities for siloed Memphis children to grow up together from kindergarten to college, says Smythe.” (See more at: http://arts.gov/50th/stories/katie-smythe#sthash.uZUi7AOe.dpuf)

Through Katie’s generosity, it is easy to see why Memphis and Memphians are considered the most generous in America.

Katie recently spoke at the Memphis TEDx talk where she shared more about her story and the New Ballet Ensemble & School has changed lives.